Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gillianbeads - Lampwork Beads and Jewelry

I was first introduced to today's featured shop, Gillianbeads, through the BNKO thread on Etsy.

I have always loved watching the glass blowers while visiting Sauder Village back in Ohio. Now here on Etsy I've met someone that not only makes her own glass lampwork beads, but is also a fellow scientist.

Gillian's beads are absolutely gorgeous and they don't usually stay in her shop long so these links will probably take you to a "sold out" page, but you can always look around the rest of her shop. So many treasures!
This first bead, Heart of Blue, that is currently in her shop is one of my favorite color combinations. I love the light blue and the lime green swirls and I think the puffy heart beads are great!Not only does she make her own beads, but she is also a very talented jewelry maker. Although, I do not wear a lot of lime green, I love this Peridot and Sapphire Millefiori Leaf Necklace.
Be sure to check out Gillian's other awesome listings and check back tomorrow for the next featured shop!


Gillianbeads said...

Thank you so much for featuring me!! It's so very nice of you to feature other artisans!

Cara said...

great color of green!