Friday, October 3, 2008

A Dorana Design

The first shop I'd like to feature is: A Dorana Design.

I first met Dorana just over a month ago when I decided to join the More Meaningful Gifts buy and replace thread that she started on Etsy. I am a member of at least 4 buy and replace threads and have gotten very few sales from them. But I decided to join this one as well to see what would come of it. I quickly learned that this thread was way different. The amount of support and promotion I received from the other shops on the thread was incredible. On most threads, every other post is someone promoting themself with no real attempt to converse with the other people on the thread. At MMG we let the featured shop list speak for itself and spend our time promoting others instead of ourselves.

In that first month I received 5 sales from that list. That is huge for me considering I've only had 17 sales total and have been on Etsy for over a year. Dorana even honored me by purchasing one of my crocheted baby dresses - one that gave her the courage to have a baby of her own (you should have seen me crying at my computer). That purchase meant so much to me. The group of people on this buy and replace thread definately give more meaningful gifts in more ways than one.

Dorana's shop has some of the most beautiful jewelry! First up is a piece that I have been coveting since I first looked through her shop. Dorana's Blue Lagoon Flower Weave Bracelet is made of gorgeous turquoise, aragonite, and silver.
This second item was chosen because of my obsession with dangly and sparkly earrings. These Anne Boleyn earrings were made from wire-wrapped pearls, smoky quartz, and sterling silver. They would be the perfect accent for any formal event.Check back tomorrow for the next featured shop!

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Dorana said...

MARINE! i am SO honored to be your first FEATURE STORY! ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

i cant thank you enough for all the love and support you have given me and all of our shoppes in MMG!

thank you for your kind words and amazing praise!

i can tell you all that marine's work can only be described as "priceless".

the beautiful intricate purple baby's dress that i bought from her is absolutely to die for and her thoughtful gift touched me deeply.

thank you for your friendship and support. i am SO incredibly blessed to have found you!

siempre - dorana